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After some review of CBD and considerations on if we should purchase or not, my husband and I ordered from a few different companies with Vital Minds being one of them. This company exceeding all others. They, hands down, had the best customer service around. They answered all our questions and were professional. Shipping time was fast and we loved the hand written thank you notes. The products were clearly labeled and delicious. They helped immensely with sleep and recovery after grueling workouts. We couldn’t be more pleased all the way around and we will not go anywhere else. Vital Minds educates on what goes into their products and you would not be disappointed trying them out!

Julie M


Hands down the best CBD gummies you'll find. High quality CBD and great tasting. I always get a personalized thank you note with my package too- very nice touch.

Natalie B



These products are truly amazing. I always have mine with me. My sleeping is a whole new life, my anxiety is no where near as bad. These products have truly changed my life. Thank you so much vital minds. I will be putting in another purchase here in a few mins! Vital minds is my favorite company. I have tried many CBD brands and they are the absolute best. If you want your life improved, make that purchase! THEY WORK!